In Santiago (since 5/17)

Excuse the typos.  I’m using a SA keyboard and they are different from ours.  I haven’t figured out how to post pictures yet – it will probably be a long delay.  I wish I’d brought a kindle or tablet – it’s a real hassle to search for internet cafes and have to adapt to other keyboards.  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post sooner.  I tried, but it didn’t let me.  Santiago is a huge city, 7 million people, and I had the good luck of staying with a lovely family who has a beach house in Quintero on the coast.  We went last weekend and I got the chance to get to know a village life.  I ate mariscos (shellfish), pescados, etc.  Now I am in the center of Santiago, staying with a kind couchsurfing host.  I am near all the important buildings.  It is very smoggy here – supposed to rain tomorrow, a god send.  I have gone to 1 or 2 museums a day – the house of Pablo Neruda, museum of national history, museum of belle arts (classical painting and sculpture).  I’ve wandered trying to find a cell phone and other things.  If anyone reading this might be able to buy a kindle or tablet for me (I could figure out how to reimburse you), and send it, that would be great.  Because of the exchange rate, a Kindle costing 99 in US is 200 here.  My cell phone is: +56284775177 – we are 3 hours ahead of SF and PST.  Feel free to call (very expensive), but at least it’s a way to get a hold of me.  When I leave for Argentina, I”ll get another chip and let you know the #.  I’m speaking a lot of Spanish – muddelling along.  Hasta luego!


3 responses to “In Santiago (since 5/17)

  1. Hi Lisa! I’m going to see what it would take to get a Kindle to you. Where would you need to have it sent exactly?



    • I need a bit more information. Do you want something with its own keyboard? Kindles all have Wifi, but there are also models with 3G as well; can you used the latter where you are? Kindle comes with a USB cable to charge from a PC; what would you need where you are? If I got you a US charger, could you convert it with what you have?



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