Sleepless in Santiago

I´ve had enough adventures for a year in the last week.  Chileans are very resilient people; the city of Santiago has 6 or 7 million people, and they seem to navigate just fine.  Not foreigners, of course.  It´s tough gettng used to the speed and idiom with which they speak, and sometimes it has made me homesick.  I have 2 phone nos.  One is 569785900034, the other is 56984775177.  You can text me on either no if you  need to reach me.  I forgot my special dental floss for brides.  It´s amazing how hard it is to find it here (actually, impossible).  It´s the little things that I notice sometimes.  I spent the last 2 days in a public high school, one of the 5 best in all of Chile.   I had the opportunity to speak English (and Spanish) with 8 classes.  Today I´m completely spent.  I will leave Sat night for Pucon in the south of Chile.  It is cold there, but beautiful I have heard.  I am currently in a hostel (Hostel Santa Lucia) in Santiago.  I stayed with a family the first weekend I arrived (we went to Quintero, a small fishing village and huge port on the sea.  Strange combination.  I´m ready to leave Santiago, but I also like people here.  Signing out for now.


2 responses to “Sleepless in Santiago

  1. Miss you around the house. I hope you are finding time to relax. I look forward to reading about all your adventures..


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