Ruminations, National Parks in Chile

Yesterday I took the long bus ride from Puerto Varas on Lake Llanquihue.  It is 45 km to Petrohue and takes about 1 hour because the bus goes about 40 miles an hour and stops frequently.  It is not only slow but also infrequent and unreliable.  I was told that I should come back at 4.30PM in case the last bus at 6pm didn´t arrive.  It helps to have a car, or to hitch hike, although in remote places there´s no guarantee that anyone will be on the road.   In any case, I attempted to take photos from the bus, which is another challenge because the windows are covered in soot even though it rains constantly here.  There are some nice wooden churches on the lakefront, more in Chiloe.  Very Germanic here.  Many Germans left their homeland in the 1850s to settle here, frustrated with the government.  After WWII, many pro Nazi sympathizers fled Germany and persecution to countries sympathetic to fascism like Chile and Argentina, including Maria Braun who settled in Puerto Varas.   I met a guy on the bus from Paris who studied geography and works in the park next to Lago de todos santos.  I met his boss, Mario, a biologist who studies among other things the population changes of the otters in the lake and river.  He told me a bit about it in Spanish, and I took several videos of the falls of Petrohue, a very beautiful set of falls.  It rained most of the day and I walked to another beautiful site, a deep lagoon in volcanic rock next to the large lake.  It is deep green due to the depth and also the bacterial content.  I walked from the lagoon along several trails and took more videos of the lagoon.


One response to “Ruminations, National Parks in Chile

  1. Too bad you’re getting so much rain, but it doesn’t seem to hamper your ability to meet people and experience some great things there. Hope you’re not getting moldy!


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