Bavaria, Germany

I was excited to be visiting my friend Anne Thomas Ruecker in Kaufering, Germany where she has been living since 1971.  I had to work around her schedule as she’d been in Scotland earlier that summer and later had house guests in August (her sister Margie from California).  We found a 12 day window of time in early September, and only 8 together, as she had a reunion to attend on September 14.  I arrived in the Munich airport on September 6, a day before my birthday.  I had sticker shock when purchasing a ticket for the S-Bahn, as I was used to $10 tickets for an 8 hour trip, and was suddenly paying $40 for an hour train ride.  The woman assured me that it was quite economical, and with that I set off with a heavy backpack and side luggage case to Anne’s village.

Anne lost her husband Tom in September 2014 to Parkinson’s and dementia.  Tom was a modern artist whose colorful palette included still life, nudes, and social commentary.  I visited them for the first time in 2010, and spent a month staying in the living room that rainy August, a balm to my heat-addled nerves after spending 3 months in Turkey (it was regularly 110 F by the time I left).  At that time, Anne cooked, took Tom to appointments, and was a full-time caretaker, though Tom still had a degree of autonomy. Anne’s dad John was a coworker and friend of my mom at SRI in the late 1950s.  During my childhood and teens I sailed with him on a Columbia 21 out of the Berkeley yacht harbor.  n the SF bay throughout my childhood and teens.  I arrived on September 6 (two days before my birthday) and flew home on September 19.  So I had 12 days in Kaufering.  AMunich Street Festival

I spent from September 6 to 14 in Kaufering with Anne.  I borrowed her bike to ride to Landsberg, the medieval town on the river about 5 km away – a beautiful bike ride away on a tree lined path along the river.  We went to Augsberg one day to see the new textile museum (built in an old textile mill).  There were many rich exhibits describing the workings of the mill how it was worked and produced linen ???,

when Anne was going to go to Stuttgart for Tom’s college reunion) borrowing her bike and riding into Kaufering, going to Augsberg with Anne to see a new textile museum (based on in old textile plant)

Alpensee/ Füssen The Bavarian singing was in Stadl…Kultur Stadl.  Stadl is also the name for a Stall.  I don’t know if the singing has a special name that evening but
there is a Hoagart now in Kaufering when people come together to sing, play music, or just be together.  I would have gone Friday for the first time if it hadn’t been for my cold.

TIM… Augsburg museum..

Freising is where Robin was living…  you mean that?  Once I have the fotos done you will get the info.  Sorry, I can’t remember all these places either!!
(names)… Blau topf was the deep water pond in near Ulm.

Anne had plans to go to Tom’s college reunion on September 14 near Stuttgart/Schwabish Hall.  I decided to go with her and made a couchsurfing request to stay in the area.  I lucked out and a lovely girl/family said yes, and I proceeded to have 3 days with them, going into town every day and coming home every evening to their beautiful home surrounded by farm land on the edge of a river.  There were about 80 homes in their small village, and I felt very lucky to get a glimpse into such an idyllic life.  Their mom didn’t speak English, so I used google translate to ask her about her feelings re the recent Syrian refugee crisis, how it might affect her family and Germans in general, and tell her about me.


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