My notes to myself – not yet for public consumption: drove to Munich – left at 7pm, arrived at 9:30 – Jennifer and Ralph made ratatoutille to order (they’d asked what I wanted – Ralph and I the next day went on a bike ride to the center of Munich 6miles away – he showed me where Oktoberfest would be (next weekend), through West Park, had a nice fish meal in centere where all the beer gardens are – how to ask is this free in German, culture of beer garden (just Munich) – where if crowded, Germans will talk to you and be friendly, only if crowded – we went to the park and saw the surfers, road all the way to the other side – very crowded, lost of school/university kids before school, everyone outside because nice weather – then back home – Lisa their niece” came for dinner, I asked Jemifer about her career and was shocked at how parallel ours were – env waste mamgement. programming, etc- we didn’t know one anothe rwell, but our paths had crossed several times in Sunnyvale – next day Ralph and I rode to his clinic, then to the schloss and we walked through the formal gardens and surrounding areas/lakes, very pretty – then home, then I drove to Tengernsee, arrived 4:30pm in Glaum, parked and rode to Tengernesee and past, loved it, wanted ice cream but it was closed, decided next day – that night talked with Jennifer, she recommended Stanberg and beer hall at schloss gast house – so next day around 11am I headed to Starnber, impossible to park, rode for a bit along lake ,near train station and ferry terminal, saw museum, reparked amd went – about villas, ships (starting with schloss) and an artist who lived at the lake, and pilgrims, on Jacob’s way – then o Tengerness, arrived 3:30, cleaned car and bought some food, drove to Tengernsee other way aound lake, parked, rode, wanted to swim but it was late, sat on wall with some Germans who were pracicing saying alcoholic drinks in English, I wanted to jump in, then rode up into the woods, wanted to go back and ride more anothe rtime – home at 8:30, met Ralphs daughter and talke dfor a while, she’s here for 2 weeks, they got ready to go to Paris nxt am (30 E each way – 6 hour train – tha’s how much I paid to go from Munich airport to Kaufering, aobu 1/30 of the distance – they woke and left early I woke up ad tried to sleep more, then made pancakes, eggs, packed lumch, headed to Garmishc/Mittenwalde went into Austria and walked a Mountain Spirit Gorge hike, lovely ramp above gorge, into Morens and down into vallye toward Innsbrook but turned back and explored Mittenwalkde, touristic (overly) compared to Austria – then home, talked to pete Schorer, prepared for next day – slept in, at 12:30 finally made it to Bayerish histroical museum (Sat) after a lot of detours in the city – then walked a bit raining hard, toe split open, got a hot chocoloate at a cafe, talked to a brazilian from south, then worked on blog, Sun – I took the car to West park and rode bike to costume paraade route, couldn’t find it, and police were completely clueless about the route – only one of 5 directed me to the right place – 3 hours of horses and costumes and bands, at 1pm headed to Oktoberfest, 7 Euro to put my backpack in a locker for a few hours – rip off, it was a circus, I didnn’t wnat to stay – my hands were turning blue from the cold of standing in the rain for hours, I tried to find the animal part but there were only machines and farm equipment and a 5 Euro fee to get in so I turned back – got yelled at for standing on a bench to warm my hands – they then mademoke to the other Germans, I’m sure about barbarian tourists – then I got backpak, rode back to car, and to museum – 2:45, had 2 hours to see what I could – started in Bavarian house and dishes section, very beautiful pottery then religous art, finally ended up in Baroque section, still didn’t see everythig – ended up in one room looking at desks that were doulbe with hidden compartments – at 5pm, walked thorugh park to Kunst museum and learned the history of Hitler’s treasured art project, then walked down Ludwigstrasse and into library (very nice, exhibit on bile writigm/scribes), then tp Rathaus – wold love to tour, check website – then aroumd and saw the only part of Munich that hadsn’ been bombed (also through triumphal arch) finally rain soaked went back to car, but no GPS, so tried to remember how to get back – got lost, SF Coffee Company, asked if I could charge phone or use her phone, fimally her boyfriend came and we talked, Egyptian very kind person, said how is it to know in every place what US has done – his gf was Hungarian and very kind – I read and waited for her to coe with me then used gps but it wasn’t working, had to follow the green dot and stay on the road using the map – Monday am cleaned and made pancakes, bid Munich farewell, got a late start and at 1:30 made it to Dachau (h eloped a young woman in distress stretto cash 500 and spent 40 minutes walking with her and driving her around) = I was very moved by Dachau and resolved to come back if I could – then went to LanKaufering, traffic, got there at 7:30, went for a walk, had dinner and talked to Anne, then realised I’d lost my vitamins somewhere – very scared as I might have left them on the street called Jennifer I’m a panic and asked her too look for green duffel – then I tried to pre forget about it – got a message saying she’d found it a few hours late,r such relieved – so Tues decided to go back to Munich to pick up vits, arranged with Ralph – I really like him – we had a goo cg=hat then I went to rathause – got there in time for glockenspiel striking 12pm, then went Toni building and met 2 lovely women from Frlorida and we talked about traveling alone and shared stories – one traveled and stayed in convents in Italy. then walked around and just took I that part of Munich even though gray lovely courtyard inside Rathaus, found some alleyways and nice streets near Leopodstrasse, then headed back to CDachau, went to all the outbuildings and religious monuments and cremanotariousum then to bunkers and I still didn’t get through exhibit, ended with ways people were to turned including medical experiments – I couldn’t believe what these sadistisc doctors were doing – injecting people with pus containing some deadly pathogen, putting them in ice cold water and measuring which organs shut down first under hypothermia, causin embelisms etc.  It went on and on.  More about Dachau – then to Schloss garden and walked a bit around old town, then to Landsberg and park, walked till dark, then had some ice cream, then home talked to mom till late, ddn’t sleep well. thinking about elections etc

We’d got up at 930 and took shower and watched hair, major event (de tangling) – breakfast and Augsberg Textimele museum 11:30 = went to demonstration of cloth making machines from old to very new, frustrated that more of the info info wasn’t in English – carbon fibre exhibit special exhibit upstairs. Lots of high tech stouff then headed to Fuggerai and toured it, very interesting, got more interested in the Fuggers, then Willard to old town, found Bertolucci Brecht’s house, I was going to enter but they said it was a different Brecht – there were places in town that he hug out, many churches, Palace next to fugger house went to St Lulrich and met a nice architect volunteering who spoke English well, – Fugger was the wealthiest man in the world – then to St. Anna’s Convent and exhibit on fm Martin Luther – very interesting about indulgences – well presented but I was thrown out early, went to tAnn’as Cahapel walked in open air market, closing at 6pm, then wandered to Rathaus, god lend room also closed then to Dom/cathedral, also closed, but garden was open, walked to far gate of city’s then back and found Wiesel Fugger museum about families in Augsberg – would like to go to this – also archaeology garden on same street and a place more things to see = walked till dark liked the area around the cathedral, nce cafe would like to explore more – ruiskish wyoung I woman in pastry shop bought some baklava very tasty = I was struck by her warmth =

Blog deove to Landsberg thrift store 11 am to stein Gaden and kloster 1 pm to Fussen parked at Lechfalls and walked to old town end into cathedral and musical church and castle garden and along streets 4 started to drive up lechtal looked for hangenbruke in Holzgau but too far drive past Wart and back walked around swan lake at dusk umleitung got lost and trouble below Landsberg
Next day to Landsberg 1030 walked around from top down stairs to main church’s and had gelato at chocolate shop salt works no water in mill stream then to Augsberg again went to Dom then museum Fugger then to Anna chapel and read rest of Luther then left and went to Nuremberg got there atb7pm red light district fair stayed for stage performances magic shoes dance numbers guy with paper costumes balloon guy lady and man stunts all in German biut humor translated found place in woods too near roads so traffic all night Wet and cold
Next am trying to sins exit met mushroom hunter Whitt basket said must get warmer for mushrooms header to town found tiny spot tapped back cars fender looked fine moved guy waiting for me scared police museum in castle history of holy Roman Empire money at held automat fish then from 11 to 4 there in am farm market and small village eithe schloss very quaint and pole then walked to durers house and museum and leaned about him and contemoraries went to Italy then to Oktoberfest street thought about staying for evening performance but decided to head to Prague o road sign about amberg so went parked Sat pm very quiet walled city found state museum for next day luft museum exhibit open reception Japanese artiste daisy balloon very philosophical writings. Talked to them met people from Regensburg who said I should go there stayed till 11 then found forest and quiet camp
Next day went to schloss closed museum open so went 1045 to 2pm all in German but interesting lots of industry there beer ceramics metal kitchenware ammunition and armament manufacturing and iron production King winter King exhibit by Michael praechtel artist walked around town lots is church’s went in the to Regensburg arrived 330 walked and looked at all St. Peter’s church and others cloisters and across famous bridge amazing citi gifts said it was the best preserved medieval city in Europe amazing architectura roman encampment wall still standing missed history museum and ship museum
Deove up regen river to Ramspau and found a nice forest drove high up to top

Next Day to Ramspau a Kaiser was buried ther in 1034 then up river to another castle and town


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