Czech Republic

My notes to myself – not for public consumption: Drove across Czech border and bought vignette, through Bohemian forest to Prague at 4pm parked near bridge on castle side and walked across the to Charles bridge and back across chocolate store David told me about Melnik and how nice it was walked up to castle library exhibit at kloister looked good then to tower and down again talked to a nice Czech woman who studied anthropology in us and worked with Indians in Arizona walked back down and near music museum looked good too then back across bridge to main square and astrological clock at 8pm saw it ring and videotaped it then got goulash and mint tea at lolos and then back to car drove sourh along river and up where there was a forest much harder to find places to camp here than in Germany too smoky in forest and barking dog nearby so I continued to a plateau and harvested field was perfect spot – someone shot a gun in middle of night and I was afraid I’d be next at least doc stopped barking after that  – Next day slept in then went to check out town and see castle got hot chocolate at inoqie cafe then back to Prague to find Kinsky park and summer palace ethnographic museum finally found after walking into a great house lovely exhibit on farm life too from 1230 to 3 then rove to centre and narodni museum new and saw retro and Noah’s ark about animals and biodiversity very interesting sort of e o Wilson style presentation then to square harvest festival where I bought a top and marionette wanted handmade crafts and a crepe and bratwurst then wandered old town and found Kinsky palace which is also narodni museum Asian art and old synagogue down a darkened street very moving wanted to come back next day to see synagogue and Jewish neighbor hood bought marzipan from vendor and French nougat and then drive to Melnik and looked for a green place on map found a forest with barking dog and weird sound of logging or something next day I realised I had survived Melnik’ss forest kept hearing explosions not sure what = next am drove to nearby village and marvelled at dilapated looking buildings – drove to Melnik – precious jewel of medieval city is surrounded by ugly soviet architecture parked and walked up to the main church supposedly the oldest in Boehmeia then chant all ground ant tower – ran out of space in graveyard during the plague – was going to make it a crypt for queens it didn’t finish – saying why we are now you will be. Then to museum. Baby cages carriages and a few items including wine making – then to castle – very interesting – wine cellar and really nice exhibit of palace rooms = current own ee spent his own money to restore it = then walked around trail and drove across river to Hronic where other castle was – still in bad shape = then through countryside to narodni palace near Tabor = closed for winter so I walked through the gardens very lovely big trees = thinking about Peter seeing redwoods as a king’s tree because I’m Europe only kings would have gardens with forests and large trees = then on to Czesky Krumlow 6:20pm arrival, dusk, very petty outline of skyline – ought soviet buildings just outside medieval core built in 60swhen under soviet occupation – walked into church beautiful device with singing nd candle light procession and frankincense wonderful choir and organ then wandered around per bridge to gardens and photos looked at prospective museums for the next day and into kloister – he’s music followed sound. Wonderful baroque and church music being sung and played – they let me. in for free = then I was entrees bought Cd standing ovation thanked zuzana and will email her = this part o country beautiful from Prague south – the sumava hills and bohemian forest comes south = walked more after and got a wrap then looked at green and found a place to sleep – very eeful and lowly east of town on a small road I listened tot the and museum turned out to be administrative building not castle and by time I made it to palace it was closed for the day wind in the trees all night nex am people with dog I said I;’l get up after my trauma they were just walking dog but he barked =. Eye dog heavy culture = for protecting territories = got to museum at 10am, took till 1;20 = a lot to read about history of town From Celtic time and prior = then costumes of Czech and Slovakia and up to post sovien occupying. Then to castle by the time I made it to palace it was closed for the day 4pm because I’d spent till then in museum and tour = by I saw QThe original stuff documents outings paintings stove tiles finds in castle = walked palace gardens and pond very pretty with water features = they reall did a lovely job refurbishing in – looked at photos of what it looked like in watch room before refurbishment = very stark and dilapidated then went to Joseph Siedel house had been photographer in Vienna and Proague who captured the life in late 1800s and early 1900s in this region of GErman/Czech life = is website – very nice display of house and all rooms and photography studio = reluctantly I made my way back to car via par and winding lanes – I had a feelin something had happened and sure enough there was a boot on the tire and a note – so I asked someone to call the police and after 30 minutes they came and explained that I WAS IN A crosswalks D had to5? pay 1000 crowns = i said I couldn’t because he said 1000 and. Thought he meant euro I didn’t have a enough cash so they Putney in the back of the police cars and drove me to th arm = people looked t us and wondered what WA up = the main guy was nice = I explained that I thought it was a spot and ddint’ see the crosswalk –


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