About Me

I’ve taken a sabbatical from technical writing and environmental consulting beginning in 2001. Since then I’ve edited a few books, fought developers in Silicon Valley on behalf of Audobon, begun fulfilling my childhood dream to travel the world, assisted family, taken some backpacking trips, remodeled and landscaped my childhood home, and tackled other projects. My style of travel is complete immersion so I get to know the culture and language in a way I otherwise wouldn’t. For that reason I always travel alone. My curiosity abounds regarding all types of learning; I care deeply about the social justice and the earth and want to slow environmental degradation; I am an aesthete, particularly regarding music and fine art. I grew up doing children’s theater and later improv, speech and debate, journalism, and various sports. I’m particularly adept at problem-solving, mediation, memory, exploring (inside and out), juggling many tasks, making new friends, caring for the underdog. I crave contemplation in nature as well as deep human connection.

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